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Talking About Private Lessons

Hello, my name is Jessica. Welcome to my website about private lessons. I want to talk about the virtues of learning a new skill from a private tutor or coach. The private lessons can help you master a desired skill in the shortest amount of time possible. Your educator can personalize the lessons to your exact skill level to help you push your own limits every day. I will talk about all of the different private lessons you can sign up for throughout life. I will also talk about making the most of your private lessons and how you can best work one-on-one with others.

Talking About Private Lessons

Nervous About Scuba Diving? Tips For Your First Dive

Brennan Barrett

It's entirely possible to feel excited for your first scuba dive, but also extremely apprehensive. You might be running through all of the things that could go wrong, no matter how unlikely they are. You might worry that you will panic while you're underwater. Here are some tips to keep in mind before and during your first dive so that you can minimize the chances that anything goes wrong and have a great time.

1. Every Time You Start To Panic, Focus On Breathing

You might get under the water fine, but once you get to a certain depth and feel the water pressure change, you might start to feel claustrophobic and begin to panic. You also might start panicking right away. This is relatively normal for first-time divers. If you feel yourself panicking at any point during the dive, simply focus on your breath. Focus on breathing in for four and breathing out for four. You're not going to be in any danger, especially for your first dive, so there's no harm in taking your attention off of everything else and putting it towards thinking about your breathing. Once you start to feel calmer, you will naturally stop focusing on your breath and start focusing on everything around you.

2. Go In a Small Group

When you are going scuba diving for the first time, your instructor is going to be near you at all times and is going to be supervising your group. You might feel more confident and less nervous if you are in a smaller group than if the ratio of your instructor to the rest of your classmates is 1:12. It's difficult to psych yourself out about going underwater and actually diving if you know that your scuba diving instructor is going to be with you the entire time taking care of anything that goes wrong. Consider going on a weekday, rather than a weekend in order to get a smaller class size or even asking your instructor about paying for a private dive.

3. Ask Questions

The more you know, the more you will feel in control of the situation. Feel free to ask your instructor a lot of questions so that you know what's going to come next and so that you can mentally prepare yourself for each step. By knowing what's going to come next and everything about the dive, you will be able to feel more confident. 

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