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Talking About Private Lessons

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Talking About Private Lessons

Give Your Piano Students Options On How To Spend The Last 10 Minutes Of Class

Brennan Barrett

When you're teaching at a piano school, you want the lessons to be fun for your students — especially those who are young. While the primary focus should always be on learning, you'll often do a better job of keeping your students engaged if they look forward to their lessons.

One idea that you can consider is to devote the last 10 minutes of each class to something fun. It's fun to consider even making a small-scale game-show-style wheel that your students can spin to reveal what they'll be doing over the closing minutes of their lesson. Here are some options that you can put on the wheel.

Improvisational Jam

Getting together with other musicians and jamming is always something that makes piano players better, and it can be a lot of fun, too. One option for the closing 10 minutes of your lessons could be to have an improvisational jam with your student.

You can each take turns playing a basic harmony while the other plays a creative melody over it. Even novice players can get the hang of doing so and may find that this exercise unlocks their creative side and helps them to get more out of the piano.


Students will also enjoy the opportunity to play a duet with you. This is different than an improvisational jam session because you'll be following sheet music and often playing the same thing at the same time.

To keep this part of the lesson fun, give the student the choice of what they will play. Even if the student's taste in music isn't exactly in alignment with yours, you can also get enjoyment out of playing the duet with your student.

Speed Drills

Most piano players want to be able to play quickly, and it can be fun to have a lighthearted practice session for improving tempo at the end of the lesson. Pick a simple melody or have your student pick one, and then set your metronome to a certain tempo.

Have the student play the tune in time with the metronome, and then you play it. Then, increase the metronome by a few beats per minute, and repeat the exercise. Continue doing so until the tempo is extremely quick — you'll both be having fun trying to master the melody at this tempo and have some laughs at the end when it finally gets too quick for either of you to play correctly.